After the clash of working classes, are we living the clash of organizational structures because of the rapid development of social media on the web? That was the main thought I was toeing with after listening to Thierry Couzet’s conference who inspired the naming of my blog: “Pyrtonet”, which is the contraction of (from) pyramidal structures to networks.

Can internet help the advent of networking as a way of not just socializing but also producing and living?

While Thierry Couzet was invited as a guest speaker on the second day of  the opening module of the SAWI class on new media, the first speaker was Mathias Luefkens, previously Head of the Digital Media at WEF (World Economic Forum) now a Burson-Marsteller MD. For the past 8 years he has shaped the presence of the WEF in social media, the outcome is an impressive catalogue of actions and tips that only such a professional can bring to you.

Mathias was followed by Xavier Comtesse, the president of Avenir Suisse, who lead us to think about what was missing to “Le shop” (www.leshop.ch) if they were to extend their on line community. A good creative exercise for the brain.

Thierry Couzet came next, clearly a free-thinker with whom we explored new avenues and developments made possible thanks to the internet and networking on the social media platforms.

Finally Mr “QoQa” from http://www.qoqa.ch gave us a lively show telling us all about his story and how his web company and associated community came to life. Intriguing, provocative, unique, anchored in the present…

All together a great four days which have led to the title of my blog “Pyrtonet”.

“In case of fire, leave the building before discussing it on Facebook”


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