Until recently I kind of played with social media, a voyeuristic approach to learn and discover. Eventually, I was told off by a good friend of mine, “I befriend people who do not contribute” he said. I thought about it and decided he was right.

So off I went to overhaul my presence on the net. Facebook is now under my proper name, Linked-in got a complete overhaul and I made it to Twitter. While doing this I paid more attention to the cool pages my friends posted: unbelievable Japanese fish dishes from a friend in Japan, cool wilderness pictures and fun stories from friends in the US, more stories and links from Asia and Europe.

Virtually traveling the world and linking with so many good friends triggered contradictory feelings. On the one hand the joy of maintaining the link being so far away, on the other hand I felt I was missing them badly.

As we say in French “loin des yeux, loin du coeur”, away from the sight, away from the heart or whom you do not see, you do not miss as much.

I will sleep on it and share more thoughts with you in the coming days…


One thought on “You can see the world on line… but you can’t touch it

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