While I was working in China, I caught up with a group of friends in Hangzhou, an hour an a half train ride from the city of Shanghai. From that city we hoped on a bus to Huang Shan city and then after a delicious meal, we were off to the  yellow mountains. Throughout the four hour journey our Chinese lady guide abundantly described the mountains and its charms. “They are one of the sources of inspiration to Chinese painting, after your visit you will always remember the rocks, the trees, the hot springs and the mist” she said.

Having reached the lower station of the cable car, we got a glimpse of what will become a 24 hour initiation to the “yellow mountains”. The rain started to poor and we could hardly see through the windows of the cabin. Having reached the upper station we were washed by heavy rain but full of hope we started our walk towards the mountain hotel. Despite the harsh conditions we took a few pictures, nothing to be remembered really. The hotel turn out to be a PLA (People’s Liberation Army) building turned into a mountain hut. The atmosphere was warm but we were cold.

Nevertheless after a meal we went to bed having agreed to get up at five o’clock in the morning to see the sunrise. We were still hopeful since conditions change rapidly in the mountains.

The next morning we got up only to return to bed, the rain was poring. After breakfast we moved back to the cable car station we hardly got a glimpse of the scenery on the way down.

Once we had moved back to the bus we remembered what the guide said the day before: “you will always remember the rocks, the trees, the hot springs and the mist”… mostly the mist, beautiful though.


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