One day there was only one Panda left and the leaders of the People’s Republic of China realized how much Panda had contributed over the years to the peaceful and nature oriented image of China. Panda is a national treasure and he is the only one left.

At the party’s annual reunion, the assembly decided it was time to recognize Panda’s achievement and in a generous move President Hu was designated to deliver Panda’s reward for his amazing contribution to China’s greatness. It was decided that President Hu will grant Panda two wishes.

President Hu traveled to Yunnan to meet Panda. The gentle animal was sitting, quietly chewing a branch of bamboo. He shyly turned around when the President bowed to salute him. “Dear Panda” said the president, bowing once again, “I am here in the name of the people of China to tell you how grateful the country is for your contribution and as a sign of recognition we wish to grant you two wishes…”

Panda quietly kept chewing his bamboo while turning his back to the President, it felt as if Panda had not heard the President’s message but anyone who knew Panda would know that he was simply humbled and too shy to respond to that honor.

President Hu however felt slightly embarrassed. “Panda” he repeated “In the name of the people of China I wish to thank you for your fantastic contribution to China’s image and thus wish to grant you two wishes”.

Panda hesitated but kept chewing his bamboo as if no one was here. President Hu is now a bit annoyed and he insists “dear Panda, please accept our gifts, you may make two wishes that I will happily deliver to you”.

President Hu waits for a minute but as Panda shows no sign of turning around, he decides to make one step back. At that moment Panda turns half way and stops chewing his bamboo. President Hu seizes the opportunity and says “yes Panda, what would you like to wish”, but Panda turns around and starts chewing again.

President Hu is now really upset and uncomfortable, “I have come a long way…” he started and Panda finnaly turns around; looking at Hu and moving his head slowly from left to right as he always does with visitors.

“Yes Panda” says Hu once again, bowing as low as he can. “Well, uncle Hu” starts Panda, “Yes, I am all hears” says Hu. “Well” repeats Panda shyly, “if I may uncle Hu” he ads, “yes off course” says Hu, “Well I am embarrassed to ask but I wish to have my black eye removed”… Hu is astonished but swiftly promises to send his personal doctor to Panda’s home.

“What about your second wish Panda” asks Hu. Panda pauses and starts nervously chewing his bamboo, a sign he is very embarrassed. Finally he says “Mr President, I am honored and as a second wish I would like to receive a color picture of myself”


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