I have just returned from two weeks in Asia where I was exploring new avenues for tourism. I came a cross many ideas but one initiative has caught my attention: Ms Alecs (for Alexandra) offers personalized and private guided tours of Hong Kong.

Why did I like her initiative ? Let me first tell you that I lived in Hong Kong for two years and that I was fortunate to work with local colleagues who took me to the four corners of the state city. Being curious myself I explored some other avenues. Thus when western friends came to visit I had gradually designed a tour for them and made sure they would see both the essential and the unusual in a relatively short time (usually 3 to 4 days). For the critics, Hong Kong is just a big polluted city, for the ones who love Hong Kong it is a city full of treasures and mysteries.

“Ms Alecs tours” does just that, she will bring you the essential and the mysteries. When I opened her website (www.msalecs.com) I was immediately struck by the tasteful choice of illustration provided by Robert Lorette. She could have used photographs, but the illustrations introduce that element of mystery that one should have when discovering Hong Kong as the city is not always what it looks like.

Then when I browsed over her program I found many of the items that I liked sharing with my guests: Dragon’s back trail and lunch in Shek O or a market tour in Sheung Wan. The very exclusive Dragon’s Garden is on her list too; this fabulous private garden located in the new territories was used as a decor in parts of the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” in 1974.

Be a “Tai Tai” or a “Tai Pan” for a day is another fun part of her program, while I am not sure of what is the full content of the later :-). In any case, reading through her program clearly tells me that “Ms Alecs” is well connected and will make you enjoy the city. If you are a foreigner you might as well follow her steps and save yourself the reading of books who will only scratch the surface of Hong Kong and will not provide you the same emotions.

Again check her website www.msalecs.com and enjoy it.



4 thoughts on “A private guided tour of Hong Kong or the rebirth of quality tourism

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