During my quest for tools to make the social media more readable and “measurable”, I came across a web entrepreneur who launched “Paper.li”. Let me tell you more about this tool.

Fundamentally it is a news aggregator with filters so that in theory you can choose your sources and choose your thematic on the web and ultimately publish/edit/curate (pick your favorite) a web-newsletter.

Technically it runs across 8 languages but you can select your preferred language. It sources from all main social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Youtube, etc…) and you may add links to blogs and forums. Filters can be added to your web-newsletter so that it will address one particular topic.

Fundamentally the idea is to draw news on the topic you choose (travel in Switzerland, energy saving, watercolor painting, etc..) and by exercising your editor’s talent or curator’s talent you will be producing a daily or weekly web-newsletter which you hope will be read and shared by many. Another benefit is to draw into your web-newsletter your own blog or forum and tie to the top notch experts in your hobby or industry. That way you will appear to be one of them – interesting concept when you are just a beginner.

What happens next? Well first for the web-newsletter to be good it should better be edited/curated properly, letting the algorithms run on their own appears to be quickly a receipt for a disaster. Then like any newspaper you will have to build an audience, first through your own network and gradually through the help of connected experts.

Again like in the real world you better be smart if not sharp. Having said that I have found web-newsletters with readerships ranging from 2 readers all the way up to 1 million readers.

In any case the tool is interesting if only to collect news on a topic and track what experts say for your own interest.

Right now the business model runs around three options. First a free option where advertising is placed by paper.li, a second option is to buy a pro version for 9 US$ per month to get rid of paper.li’s paid advertising and place your own ads. Finally and OEM version where you give the look and feel of your brand or company to the web-newsletter.

If you like the idea it is time to try it… paper.li

And check my attempt… Amazing Detours



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