Off course not everyone needs to publish a mobile application but if you have a small business or a cause and you feel a mobile application is a good way to stay in touch with your customers or community then try SKEEBLE.

I can hear you say “you are nuts, a mobile application is very expensive and complicated”, I know this is a constant issue for small businesses or non profit organizations. Well guess what; I have found one smart startup who addresses just that concern; or how to package a mobile application at a reasonable price. Their name is SKEEBLE.

These two young entrepreneurs have achieved this by building standard prepackaged modules with enough room to play around and parameter the app. You just need to feed the content of course and they will allow you to preview on your smart phone, publish on iOS or Android and address the upload challenge to the respective download stores (iTunes or Android).

How easy is it, well it takes 3 basic steps to get your mobile up at least in a test format for the viewer. (1) choose a design, (2) add your content, (3) publish on iPhone or/and Android.

So choose your design. You have a certain latitude to customize the look and feel of the mobile application. Enough anyway to brand your mobile application.

Then add your content. The content is off course the most important part and you will probably work it out in an excel, word or power point form before loading it into the app.

Once ready you can test your mobile application on an Android or iPhone viewer (it works on the iPad too but looks like an augmented iPhone). Finally once your happy with the result you may press the button publish.

At that point some manual approvals take place in the background but soon your app will be available on line to all customers interested.

I have published their listed prices below but please note that they are evolving their business model towards a different price but a monthly fee.

Off course content and purpose is what matters in the end to make a successful application but if you have that unique content or purpose; you do not need a huge crowd of followers to publish a mobile application.


Skeeble screens

Skeeble business model


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