A blogger friend of mine, Stephanie Booth, who created the: “backup awareness day reminded me about the importance of this topic.

It is my turn to become militant about backing up data; anyone who has used a computer for a fair amount of time will have stories about the drama of loosing all or part of his work.

The circumstances in which you may loose data vary from loss of the computer by accident or theft, mishandling of a file or more simply by computer or hard disk sudden death.

Dead computer

As Stephanie reminds us, simply close your eyes and imagine your computer is gone for good; you will likely reopen your eyes instantly in a state of shock.

Is it a fatality? No, therefore join me in saying “NO” to a blue screen and act now.

They are multiple ways to save your data, external hard disks, the cloud, etc… Google the questions and you will find a range of solutions.

Meanwhile let me share with you a “pre-historical” solution that might suit minds like mine who prefer a conscious gesture to an automatic process.

Today you can buy memory sticks equipped with USB 3.0, which provides a high transfer speed and a capacity of 128 GB, which is a significant amount of data.

Likely your data are split between documents, music, photos or else. The backup frequency and the importance of each category may vary. Example: documents change daily, you might download pictures weekly from your camera, finally music can be repurchased so a monthly back up might be enough.

Personally I dedicate one stick to each category and every day I backup at least my documents, which reminds me to occasionally back up the photos and the music.

So far, so good 🙂

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